The Empress Building aspires to provide a unique experience in the centre of Mexborough that very few other towns can offer.

We decided to stock premium quality beers, lagers, and ciders since research reveals that people do prefer higher quality draught beer, which tends to be stronger and much tastier.

It should be noted that the Dearne Valley Personal Development Centre charity receives all operating income from many of the events we are hosting. This cause is very important to us, and Jackie and John Irwin's work has been positively influencing the area's youth for many years. 

Costing hundreds of thousands of pounds and requiring a true labour of love, the ballroom has been brought back to life as a venue. We are devoted to creating wonderful new experiences in our facility since we are aware of how important the Ballroom has been to Mexborough for almost 100 years. We witnessed the tears of people who feared they might never again see the inside of the room looking so beautiful again.

The Empress Building will likely continue to undergo improvements over the next five years as we make significant investments to restore it to its previous splendour. This dedication is all part of our overall goal, which is to play a significant role in Mexborough's rebirth.

It's an exciting time for Mexborough, and something that will bring more businesses, more jobs, and ultimately more money to the town with the opening of companies like Gorilla Brewing and Gala Education & Marketing in the town as well as the council's plans to renovate large public spaces the future looks brighter for the old town.

Empress Building would love to provide a high-end venue and would work to keep costs as low as we can for the foreseeable future, especially given the current economic climate, we cannot operate at a loss; otherwise, what would be the point?

There are many people who would want for the Empress Building to be successful and once again become a part of the Mexborough culture, so we hope this makes sense and that you spread the word.

Together, let's support the town's new businesses and eventually transform Mexborough into the kind of tourist destination that others can only aspire to..